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Selections from Pattern Drift

William Weston Gallery

70 years of Master Prints and Modern Sculpture

70 years of Master Prints and Modern Sculpture

Arman, Hans Arp, Georges Braque, Patrick Caulfield, Marc Chagall, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Salvador Dali, Sonia Delaunay, Colin Figue, Sam Francis, Alberto Giacometti, Zaha Hadid, Keith Haring, Yves Klein, Le Corbusier, Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, James Rosenquist, Victor Vasarely, Tom Wesselmann

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When I started William Weston Gallery in 1968, the first gallery in England to specialise in modern prints, ways of getting information about new acquisitions to my clients were very limited - no internet or email. So as to make them feel in touch with the gallery when they could not visit I started the then revolutionary idea of issuing illustrated catalogues, not only with full descriptions but in particular with notes about the artist and the work. I wanted it to be more like a personal conversation between me and my client.
Now, in 2020, at a time when contact is only remote I have decided to return to my first idea of a catalogue together with a virtual online exhibition. This time, again with notes by me about the artist, the work and why I am enthusiastic about it, as well as the description. I hope this will make it more personal and more interesting.

A hard copy catalogue is available upon request.

Image: Details of: Joan Miró, Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso, Tom Wesselmann, Ane Christensen

Jean Arp
Die Mensen Gleichen Den Fliegen
320 x 230mm
Painted watercolour over woodcut forms in blue-grey and black

Georges Braque
Au Couchant. Sunset
485 x 654mm
Original lithograph in colours

Image description. Image Credit. 

Marc Chagall
Le Bouquet Rouge
760 x 530mm
Original lithograph in colours

Carlos Cruz-Diez
Couleur Additive
750 x 750mm
Original screenprint in colours

Yves Klein
Monochrome und Feuer
Framed dimensions: 960 x 520mm
The complete set of three screenprints, two in flat colour, IKB blue and pink, and one in gold foil and gold-leaf

Roy Lichtenstein
As I Opened Fire.
Each sheet: 640 x 520mm
Offset lithographs in colour

Joan Miró
Els Gossos
1160 x 735mm
Original etching with aquatint and textural open-bite in colours

Pablo Picasso
Le Petit Dessinateur
655 x 505mm
Original lithograph in colours

Pierre Soulages
Eauforte No 10
760 x 580mm
Original deep-bitten etching printed with relief, in two colours

Tom Wesselmann
Still Life with Lilies and Mixed Fruit
807 x 961mm
Original screenprint in colours

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