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Old Master Landscape Prints

Old Master Landscape Prints

Hans Bol, Anthonie Waterloo, Hendrik Gerrits, Schelte Adams Bolswert, Jacques Callot, Pieter Breugel the Elder, Jan Van de Velde II, Abraham Genoels II, Adriaen Van Der Cabel, Carl Wilhelm Kolbe the Elder,

During the course of the 17th century, idyllic, country landscape scenes emerged as a new category of European art. Before that time, landscapes were not subjects on their own, they simply served as the background for other religious and secular scenes. Celebrated by Dutch artists, the landscape flourished and by the mid 17th century, it became the most widely produced and collected category of both paintings and prints.

Pieter Bruegel was one of the first artists to explore and elevate landscape imagery into its own subject matter. From there, the depiction of the natural landscape blossomed into a distinct and influential genre. Numerous artists followed suit, meticulously rendering the rural scenery surrounding them, from the rolling hills of the Dutch countryside to the rocky, mountainous terrain of Italy.

This exhibition includes works by twenty artists that embody the majesty and poetic beauty of the natural landscape. Their unprecedented vision combined artistry and technique to create stunning renditions and a lasting picture back in time.

Image Credit:

Jacques, Le Grand Chasse

Hessel Gerrits

Winter Landscape with View of Zuylen Castle

190 x 246 mm

Etching with Engraving

Reference: Hollstein 20-I/II


9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -

Anthonie Waterloo

The Great Landscapes III

c. 1650

225 x 289 mm


References: Bartsch 109, Hollstein 109 III (from IV)


9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -

Pieter Breugel the Elder, St. Jerome in the Desert, on View

Adrian van der Cabel

Landscape with Maiden and her Dog

157 x 244 mm


Reference: Bartsch 53; Hollstein 57


9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -

Jacques Callot

La Grande Chasse

c. 1620

194 x 463 mm


Reference: Lieure 353 III/IV; Meaume No. 711; Russel N. 11; Nancy No. 400


9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -

View of R. S. Johnson Fine Art

Carl Wilhelm Kolbe the Elder

Landscape with an Oaktree alongside a River, a Shepard playing a Flute to the Right

179 x 254 mm


Reference: Martens 155-II


9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -

Hans Bol

River Scene with Village and Church

224 x 320 mm


Reference: Hollstein 4-I/II


9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -

R. S. Johnson Fine Art

9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -

Landscape with the Martyrdom of St. Stephen

Schelte Adams Bolswert


445 x 645 mm


Watermark: Kronnenwappen (King’s Coat of Arms)


Abraham Genoels

Landscape with Barge

215 x 280 mm


Reference: Hollstein 60-II/IV


9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -
9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -

Jan Van de Velde II

Ferry in Front of the Stone Bridge

134 x 198 mm


Reference: Franken van der Kellen 289; Hollstein 250 II/II


Pieter Breugel the Elder

St. Jerome in the Desert


321 x 424 mm



9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -

Hans Bol (1534-1593): A Flemish painter and print artist known for his landscapes, allegorical scenes, and genre paintings.

Hendrik Gerrits (c. 1580-1657): A Dutch Golden Age painter who also created beautiful landscape prints.

Jacques Callot (1592-1635): An important person in the development of old master print, Callot was a baroque printmaker and draftsman from the Duchy of Lorraine.

Jan Van de Velde II (1593-1641): Son of Jan Van de Velde I and pupil of engraver Jacob Matham, Jan Van De Velde II worked as a painter, printmaker, and publisher of prints throughout his life.

Abraham Genoels II (1640-1723): Genoels is a Flemish Baroque painter, draughtsman, engraver, and tapestry designer. He is acclaimed for his landscape paintings, drawings, and prints. He worked internationally in Paris, Rome, and Antwerp throughout his life.

Adriaen Van Der Cabel (1631-1705): Cabel was a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter who worked in France and Italy.

Carl Wilhelm Kolbe the Elder (1757-1835): Kolbe is a German etcher, graphic artist, and author. He is referred to as "The Elder" to distinguish him from his painter nephew.

Pieter Breugel the Elder (c. 1530-1569): Pieter Breugel the Elder is considered the most significant Flemish Renaissance painter and printmaker. He is most known for his landscapes and genre paintings and was a pioneer in both of these subjects.

Schelte Adams Bolswert (1586-1659): Bolswert created paintings and engravings in Antwerp and is best known for his Peter Paul Rubens reproductions. Artistic reproductions were extremely important at the time.

Anthonie Waterloo (1609-1690): Waterloo was a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter who also created a series of printed landscapes.

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