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Singing in the Rain: a Collection of Works by Daniel Kelly

Singing in the Rain: a Collection of Works by Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly

It’s the rainy season in Japan, this special exhibition was curated around Daniel Kelly’s newest woodblock print, Slippery When Wet.

Singing in the Rain is a special exhibition that includes some of Kelly’s earliest and most rare landscape images, most famous lantern paintings and prints, koi prints and tea bowl works, many of which there is only one left available for sale.

This viewing room is a selection of the full exhibition, to view the full exhibition please click on the link in this viewing room.

Image Credit:

Photograph courtesy of Daniel Kelly Studio

Kelly’s visual vocabulary is a mixture of what he saw as a young artist in the United States in 1970s San Francisco and during his trips to New York in the 1980s, and the work of Japanese or Chinese master painters, printmakers, and ceramists that he views regularly at the Kyoto National Museum of Art and elsewhere in Asia. This is part of what makes Daniel Kelly a truly international artist, listening to bebop by day and sleeping on a futon at night

Hollis Goodall, Curator of Japanese Art: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), From Daniel Kelly: an American Artist in Japan, published by Kodansha in 2010

Daniel Kelly

Slippery When Wet


29.5" x 19.3"

woodblock print, platinum leaf, French watercolor paper



Daniel Kelly



20.25" 29.75"

woodblock print, handmade Nepalese paper



Photograph courtesy of Daniel Kelly Studio.

Video courtesy of Daniel Kelly Studio.

Daniel Kelly

Letter From Kyoto


22.5" x 50" 2.5"

Watercolor on Arches cold-press watercolor paper, antique calligraphy and book pages.



Daniel Kelly

Children's Parade


6.5" x 28.25"

woodblock print

Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection



Photograph courtesy of Daniel Kelly Studio.

Daniel Kelly

Fish out of Water


41" x 33"

woodblock print, hand coloring, handmade Nepalese paper



Daniel Kelly

Taming the Dragon


27.5" x 36"

Lithograph, Woodblock, Nepalese Paper, Chine-Collé of Edo period book pages, Ink Wash



Photograph courtesy of Daniel Kelly Studio.


Looking Back

Daniel Kelly


16" x 75"



Daniel Kelly

What's Up?


40" x 13.5"

woodblock print, lithography




Daniel Kelly



27" x 21"

woodblock print, lithography


Daniel Kelly



35.5" x 29

Lithograph, Woodblock, Hand Coloring, Nepalese Paper, Chine-Collé of Edo Period Book Pages



Before leaving for Japan eighteen years ago Kelly spent $1.95 on the only art book he could afford. At the back of this small book by Tokuriki was an invitation, “If the reader of this book has a chance to visit Kyoto, feel free to contact the author.” Daniel Kelly became Tokuriki’s pupil and subsequently his work has been collected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the British Museum, and the Smithsonian. Daniel is an exciting artist, with an ever-changing style. All of his prints from the last few years have some element of mixed media, including lithography, cement block printing, and hand coloring. Daniel says this about his process, “I really don’t like it if I have a concept – it doesn’t exist yet – when people say you’re going to run into this and that problem, I want to slap those people out of my way. If there’s a problem, I dig deeper. Painting is like war. I get in there and battle and fight. It’s either me or the painting. One of us will win.”

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